Luke Skywalker Costumes for Children and Adults

Would you like to become the Jedi who restored balance to the Force? Then you’ll need one of these Luke Skywalker costumes. Whether you’re looking for the costume that Luke wears in the very first episodes, while he was still an apprentice, or you’d rather don his famous Jedi robe, or even his Jedi Master costume from the last episodes of the saga, we have the exact version of the Luke Skywalker costume you’re looking for. Don’t forget to accessorize your Jedi costume with a lightsaber: without one, you just wouldn’t be a proper Jedi. You can choose a blue one like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, a green one like the one Luke wields in The Return of the Jedi, a red one like the ones the Siths like Darth Vader, Darth Maul (double-edged) or Kylo Ren (with a laser handle) use, or even a purple one like Mace Windu’s. You can also get a friend to dress up as Darth Vader so you can attend the party as a father and son duo. Or try going as a master and apprentice twosome with a friend dressed up in a Rey costume. Pick out your favorite Luke Skywalker costume and...May the Force be with you!
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