Fantastic Beasts Mugs

Get some butterbeers ready and toast with your Potterhead friends, with these unique Fantastic Beasts mugs. Become a real wizard and discover incredible creatures! We’ve got loads of different kinds of glasses, cups and mugs featuring the characters from the magical world of J.K. Rowling’s new films. There’s Newt Scamander, Propertina, Queenie Goldstein and Grindelwald... as well as mugs with the film’s logo. No-one will mistake you for a muggle! And for unconditional fans of the Harry Potter universe, you'll love the selection of Harry Potter mugs in our catalogue of geeky mugs and glasses. Plus, if you want to surprise a real Potterhead, we’ve got loads of ideas for Harry Potter themed gifts, like t-shirts, scarves, wands, robes, and sweatshirts. Before you go to bed after a potions lesson and a Defence against the Dark Arts class, have a cup of hot milk in one of our Fantastic Beasts mugs. MACUSA approved!
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