40th Birthday Party

Is your 40th birthday coming up, or perhaps the birthday of someone special? Prepare the best 40th birthday party with all our decorations. We’ll give you loads of ideas for party decorations, every one of your guests will be amazed. Here you’ll find all the table and wall decorations, and the tableware you’ll need for your guests to eat and drink happily, as well as other important accessories, like candles and decorative toppers you can add to the aperitifs. All featuring the number 40! There are lots of things to decide on - firstly, the colour theme of the party. Try to pick the favourite colour of whoever you’re throwing the party for. The most important thing is creating a fun atmosphere, with garlands, fans, and other decorative elements. Choose the tableware for the table: tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups that you can use and then dispose of - so you won’t spend hours and hours cleaning. And, for the star attraction, why not hang some giant foil balloons with a 4 and a 0. Forget the mid-life crisis and enjoy an incredible party for your 40th birthday. It is, without a doubt, one of the best times in your life, so enter this great decade as it deserves. And, of course, Happy Birthday!




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