Beards & Moustaches for all Costumes

Have you always wanted to become the beloved Santa Claus, or perhaps a fierce and feared Viking? At Funidelia you’ll find all the costumes you could ever want, but never forget to add a good fake beard. A fake beard or moustache is an essential accessory for many of the costumes you’ve always wanted to wear, like a pirate, a samurai, or a mobster. Here you’ll find the best collection of beards, moustaches and goatees to add the finishing touch to your costume, and make sure nobody recognises you. Start your adventure sailing the Southern Seas with your pirate costume and beard, travel to Mexico with a great Mexican bandit moustache, or create a hipster look with a bushy beard and checked shirt. Thanks to our collection of fake moustaches and beards, you can complete any kind of costume - including famous bearded characters like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and his legendary and unique beard, or the magnificent Chaplin with his characteristic eyebrows and tiny moustache. Protect Frodo Baggins and his companions with your magic in the incredible adventure of the Lord of the Rings with our long white Gandalf beard. You can’t go wrong with a fake moustache or beard if you’re dressing up as a Viking, a crazy chef, someone from the Wild West, or a Musketeer. These accessories can be used with many different Carnival or Halloween costumes to hide your true identity and add a distinctive touch to your costume that will surprise all your friends!
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