Masha and the Bear Costumes

Masha and the Bear is a Russian cartoon that delights both children and adults. Your little ones can now be part of these fun adventures with these Masha and the Bear costumes. Follow the blossoming friendship between a forest Bear and a little Russian girl. Masha lives in a forest and has several pets: a dog, a goat and a pig. But, most forest animals are scared of Masha because she insists they play with her. One day, Masha is chasing a butterfly and, without realizing it, enters the home of a bear who isn’t home. Masha stays over to play and ends up making a mess. When the Bear comes home, he tries to get rid of Masha, but it is useless. He and Masha become friends. These Masha costumes are some of our favorite cartoon costumes. They’re sure to delight little ones. Masha wears a white shirt, a pink dress and a matching head scarf. Add a blonde wig for the perfect Masha costume. Plan the best party ever for your child with our Masha and the Bear decorations. Banners, plates, napkins, balloons and lots more in their favorite cartoon theme.

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Masha and the Bear costumes: your little girl can now star in her favorite cartoon.

After Masha and the Bear become friends, the Bear’s job is keeping up with Masha so she doesn’t get into too much trouble. But in the end, he always finds himself caught up in some sticky situation thanks to Masha’s mischief. With these Masha and the Bear costumes, you and a partner can experience endless adventures as the protagonists of this story. Masha is an active four-year-old who can’t help getting in trouble. The Bear is a retired circus juggler who is enjoying life on his own when Masha comes along and threatens to disrupt his quiet lifestyle. He loves playing musical instruments, and watching football and the news on TV. Discover which Masha and the Bear costume is your favorite and enjoy the next Carnival or costume party in these super fun costumes.