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If like Yoda reverse talk you, if you’ve named your son Lucas, if those who lack faith annoy you, or if you’d prefer to kiss a Wookie then have a blind date... Then you deserve one of our Star Wars gifts. If you start having palpitations every time you hear someone dressed in black breathing loudly, if you try to travel to Hyperspace every time you're on a plane, or if you think Han shot first... then you need someone to give you a Star Wars gift because you’re a true fan of the most famous galactic saga of all time! And we have the biggest collection of Star Wars merchandise this side of the outer edge of the galaxy. Here at Funidelia you’ll find geeky and unique Star Wars t-shirts, featuring characters from every episode, bathrobes to get dry after your shower, and Star Wars sweatshirts and hoodies so you can go to the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine in style. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Star Wars super fan friend, or you’re looking to give yourself a treat by adding a Star Wars Funko to your collection, you’ll love our Star Wars merchandise section. You've got a whole Star Wars shop to choose from! At Funidelia you’ll find the best selection of Star Wars gifts and merchandise for adults and kids: Star Wars mugs, backpacks, lamps to make sure your room never has a dark side, socks, Star Wars collectable figures, keychains... Even school supplies. Take a look at our website, pick the Star Wars gift you've always wanted, and take it to a galaxy far, far away. Let yourself be seduced by the power of our Star Wars gifts!
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