Star Wars Bathrobes & Dressing Gowns & House slippers

If you’ve always wanted to know what Darth Vader wears around the house, or how Chewbacca feels after he takes a shower... Well now you’re one step closer with these Star Wars bathrobes. We’ve got the best bathrobes in the galaxy: Chewbacca bathrobes, Darth Vader bathrobes, and even Jedi and Yoda bathrobes. These Star Wars bathrobes are so soft and comfy that even the darkest of Siths will chill out. Get comfortable after a shower and a hard day dodging the Jawas in the Tatooine dunes. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to uncover the paths of The Force with your Jedi bathrobe, or if you’ll be mistaken for a Wookie when you put on your Chewbacca bathrobe... Or if you’ll start talking backwards when wearing your Yoda bathrobe. But what we do know is that you’re going to love your Star Wars bathrobe! If you’re a fan of this galactic saga, or you know someone who’d love to own a little piece of their favourite character, then take a look at Funidelia’s unique Star Wars merchandise. Come to the soft comfy side of the galaxy with these bathrobes!
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