Ride On, Carry Me & Piggyback Costumes

Are you searching for the most original costume ever? Discover the new Ride On costumes that create a hilarious optical illusion. Look like you’re riding on another person’s, animal’s, or character’s shoulders. If you like these original costumes, don’t miss out on our Carry Me costumes, perfect for any bachelor or bachelorette party, Carnival or Halloween. You will no doubt stand out with these original designs and the optical illusion created when you walk around. Explore other original Ride On costumes that will allow you to ride a horse, attend new kingdom parties mounted on a dragon, ride an ostrich or navigate fun canals in a gondola.

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Hop on your favorite animal or character with a Piggyback costume. Original Ride On and Carry Me costumes for the funnest party of all.

Carry Me costumes are always fun! Ride on a snowman’s back or hop on an alien from outer space. These Ride On costumes are sure to be the biggest hit at the party. Surprise everyone when you show up piggyback on a Power Ranger, dinosaur, cow or ferocious wolf. Ride On costumes are available in lots of fun versions, creating an optical illusion that is sure to bring laughter. Look like you’re riding an ostrich or get carried out of the party by a small Irishman. Piggyback out the main door!