Thor Costumes

Recently arrived from Asgard we show you the most complete Thor costumes so you can fight Loki easily. Nothing will stand in your way with these Thor costumes: classic, deluxe, Thor from The Avengers, for children, for adults ... even for your dog! Discover all the options you have to become this Marvel superhero.

Thor is a warrior prince with great powers: the strength of a god, speed, endurance or longevity, among others. He is one of the original Avengers and his main weapon is his short-handled hammer, which is called Mjölnir and which is a fundamental part of the Thor costume. Don't forget it! It is unique and gives Thor even more powers such as fly capability! You can complete your warrior look and a blonde wig.

These Thor costumes are perfect to become one of the most famous superheroes.
Gather your friends and dress up like The Avengers, you will surprise everybody at the next Carnival or Halloween party.
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