Mens fancy dress costumes

Find the best costumes for men for Carnivals, Halloween or any themed party! Fun superheroes, animals characters from Star Wars or from your favourite series. There is nothing more fun, cheeky and sexy than a man dressed up! If you make the most of every occasion to dress up, you will find the men's outfit you have always been looking for at Funidelia. If you need a Halloween outfit for men, if you are driving yourself crazy looking for a plus size costume or you are simply looking for original costumes for men you are in the right place. All the themes you have always wanted to dress up as from the most classic men's pirates, animals or work uniform the most original and fun superhero, villain, film and series costumes such as Star Wars, The Smurfs or Dragon Ball, videogames such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man or Street Fighter... We even have the most original Opposuits, to dress up with style. Choose your men's costume now for the Carnival, Halloween or any costume party!

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Not just costumes for men: bachelor parties

But if the men's costume you are looking for isn't for you but is for a friend who is going to get married... We also have costumes for the hottest, most original and fun bachelor and bachelorette parties. When your friend sees his outfit he will not be able to stop laughing: women's costumes for men, blow up costumes, ride on and carry me costumes, baby costumes for adults, a sexy "lifeguard with messy hair" or even Borat's mankini... The perfect look for a fun bachelor or bachelorette party. You will have a great time with any of our costumes for men!