Flapper & Gangster Costumes: Relive the Roaring 20s

Welcome to Funidelia’s cabaret! These 1920s costumes will take you to the era of the Prohibition, when gangsters called the shots and flappers danced the night away in glitzy dresses. Our Charleston, gangster and flapper costumes will transport you to a wild and fun time in which sequins, fringes, feather headbands and shiny fabrics were all the rage and life seemed like a constant cabaret. Browse 20s accessories full of sequins and shine, short bob wigs, pearl necklaces, long cigarette holders and feather boas for the next costume party. Discover the perfect gangster costume in genuine Al Capone style, as well as accessories like fedora hats, ties and costume pistols and guns to complete your 20s tough guy look. Find your chic flapper costume, or try smuggling whisky in clandestine clubs with a gangster costume. These roaring twenties costumes make incredible Carnival fancy dress and they’re available for men, women, children…and even pets!

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