Confetti Balloons

The new trend of decorative balloons has arrived at Funidelia, confetti balloons! There’s no better combination for any party than to decorate and fill it with colour using balloons and confetti. Now you can get an incredible 2 for 1 of decoration and fun with these confetti balloons. It’s the new craze. The balloons we’ve always had that come in a single colour are outdated. Now we’re after more unique and sophisticated balloons, in different colours and with details that make them even more fun. That’s why confetti has arrived to surprise us all. Normally the balloons are white or transparent, so you can see the confetti inside. The confetti can come in any shape - hearts, stars, circles, and anything else you can imagine. And, of course, they can be in any colour. Now you can go one step further and buy a confetti balloon. A dark black balloon means you can’t see what’s inside, so you’ll have to pop it to see what kind of confetti it has. A fun way to create an exciting and unique moment at any party, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a costume party... The perfect accessory for any occasion! Pick any of our confetti balloons and decorate your party in the coolest way.
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