Banana costumes and fancy dress outfits

Do you want the most original costume for the party? Then you need one of our banana costumes. Bananas are a fun and very tasty fruit that everyone likes... so we are sure that with your banana costume everyone will enjoy being in your company at the costume party. There is a song that says that the "only fruit of love is, the banana". And that's true, right? There is nothing more romantic than a couples costume that combines two tasty and delicious fruits, for example... how about a combination of a banana and a strawberry costume? You can get together with all of your friends and form a group costume for the Carnival where everyone will dress up as a different fruit: a banana, pineapple, strawberry, orange, lemon... You will be the most fun fruit salad if you all put on a fruit costume. Together you can make the most entertaining fruit party. Have fun!
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