Chinese Costumes for Men and Women

Transport yourself to the Far East and imagine all the fun you could have in a Chinese costume at the next Carnival or themed party. Pay tribute to an incredible millennial culture in one of these Chinese costumes for men and women. Little ones will love our Chinese costumes for children. They can also be ninjas or Chinese emperors. Besides our Chinese costumes for girls and boys, you’ll also find a great variety of accessories like sumo wigs, bald heads with attached braids, Chinese hats, geisha wigs or kasa hats. Enjoy the fun with these Chinese fancy dress costumes for the whole family.

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These Chinese costumes will turn you into a true Asian lady or gentleman

If you’re looking for the ideal Chinese costume, you’ll love our Mandarin costume for women that comes with a red dress, belt and hat. If you’re after the perfect ninja costume, check out these spectacular costumes that include a tunic and belt, gloves and red ribbons. Little ones will love our cute Chinese costumes for girls that include a kimono, belt and matching hat. Also find the perfect accessories to complete your Chinese fancy dress costumes: a fun bald head with an attached braid, a triangular hat or a Chinese hat with a big, long braid. Sumo fighters, ninjas, Mandarin costumes…the possibilities are endless!