Darth Maul Costumes: Lightsabers, Masks and More

Looking for ideas for a merciless villain costume? Then a Darth Maul costume is just what you’re looking for. Dressed in black, his face painted red and black, with horns on his head and wielding a doublesaber, Maul is one of the most violent Sith Lords in the Star Wars episodes and Star Wars Rebels series. Maul is a scheming mastermind and a ferocious warrior with a double-bladed lightsaber who hardly feels the need to talk and shows no mercy. Several versions of Darth Maul’s costume are available: one features a robe and trousers, another consists of a kilt and muscular “bare chest.” You’ll also find Darth Maul’s mask and double-bladed red lightsaber so your Star Wars costumes looks perfectly finished. Complete your transformation to the dark side and challenge a friend dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi!

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