Robin Hood Costumes

“Take from the rich to give to the poor”, that’s the slogan of Robin Hood and his band of followers, and the undoing of many great British fortunes. A character from medieval England who has always entertained us with his intrepid adventures and love affairs with Lady Marian. Now you can become this valiant hero and thief, thanks to this spectacular collection of Robin Hood costumes! Surprise everyone at your next costume party and defend all your friends with this realistic archer costume. The Robin Hood suit is made up of a green shirt, waistcoat, brown gloves, green or dark coloured trousers or leggings and brown boots. And don’t forget the classic Robin Hood hat, a triangular shaped green hat sporting a feather. Although you might also substitute this with a hood. You can now get your hands on a Robin Hood cape with an incredible green hood, adding a warrior touch to this enigmatic archer on his most complicated missions. Most importantly, don’t forget about the bow. Robin Hood is always carrying his bow wherever he goes, so put your bow on your shoulder along with some good arrows to defend the helpless. Here you’ll find Robin Hood costumes for men and boys, as well as daring archer costumes. Put together your own gang of bandits and plunder all the fun at your next costume party!
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