Saw Costumes

“I want to play a game!” The rules are simple, all you have to do is take a look at our website and choose your favourite Saw costume. The next step: Go to any horror themed costume party and terrorize the guests. These Halloween costumes won’t disappoint! Fans of cinemas' most famous terror and torture filled saga will love these Saw costumes. Become part of the macabre game created by Jigsaw. Dress like Jigsaw in his most classic outfit - a black suit, white shirt and red bow tie with a white mask with lips, red cheeks, spiral eyes and black hair.  Find different versions of the Saw mask, or buy a suit and do your own Saw Halloween make-up.  Put on your Saw costume, assemble the most terrifying tests you can think of and sow the seeds of panic among your friends next Halloween!
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