Fantastic Beasts Wands: Newt Scamander, Grindelwald and other characters

Are you sick of people thinking you're a simple “nomaj”? Do you keep mischievous pets in your room? The only solution is to get a Newt Scamander wand, or a wand from any other character in Fantastic Beasts, the new film saga from the magical world of J.K. Rowling. Newt Scamander's wand has a very intricate design, according to Mr Ollivander, and has piece of shell as the handle. It’s also covered in marks and scratches, thanks to Scamander’s job as a Magizoologist. But we’ve also got wands from other characters in Fantastic Beasts, like the wand of Seraphina Picquery, President of MACUSA, the Goldstein sisters, and even Grindelwald's wand. Although, if you’re a fan of the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione you might prefer one of the classic Harry Potter wands: Hermione's wand, Harry or Sirius’ wand... or even the Elder Wand. We’ve got loads of official Harry Potter merchandise: t-shirts, robes, scarves, mugs... Don’t hesitate! If you're going to stop Grindelwald, one of the world’s most powerful Dark Wizards, you’ll need Newt Scamander’s wand.

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