Clown Make-Up

Get out your red nose and practise your best tricks to entertain and scare all your friends at your next costume or Halloween party. Give your costume an extra special touch with this clown make-up. Paint your face with loads of colours, but be sure to keep most of it white.  Create different expressions by painting your eyes and face and, of course, give your look a finishingl touch with a red nose. Use this clown make-up to become a scary clown, a funny clown, a child clown, or characters like the Joker, or Pennywise, the evil clown from the film IT. This make-up is suitable for all ages, so both kids and adults can use it to complete their clown costumes. Learn how to apply amazing clown make-up and be the best circus clown, or Halloween killer clown, your friends have ever seen!
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