Pokémon Socks

Can’t take a step without thinking about Pokémon? Neither can we. With these amazing Pokémon socks you can start each day on the right foot, whatever happens. If you didn’t think you could ever find anything as cool as this, stop and take a seat- you won’t be able to stop looking at them! You know that a great Pokémon trainer needs to be prepared for long journeys, travelling through harsh terrain, coming across thousands of Pidgeys and Rattatas every day, and riding Charizard across half the continent. And to have it all under control, you’ll need some Pokémon socks. Show off your pretty feet all dressed in yellow in our Pikachu socks- the colour of your favourite Pokémon! At Funidelia we’ve got socks printed with Pokéballs, plus some more understated designs in red and black, for fans that prefer to pass unnoticed. One Pokémon who is never understated is Meowth, but you’ll find out how fun it can be to wear his face on your socks. Plus, you can gift these geeky socks to one of your super-fan friends. Someone who loves all Pokémon merchandise and likes to wear clothes featuring Pikachu and other Pokémon characters. We’ve got kids and adults sizes. Get them all and hit the streets in true Pokémon style!


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