Rick & Morty Backpacks

The moment has arrived: Whether you’re travelling to a parallel universe or going on a journey and don’t think any of your backpacks are fit for the task... Chill, because Rick & Morty backpacks have arrived at Funidelia and are here to stay. They’ll help you out with whatever you need. We’ve got Rick and Morty backpacks you can use to go to class, or on a trip, with loads of pockets to help you keep your things tidier than Morty’s room, or in better order than Rick’s lab. We’ve also got simpler backpacks, for everyday use. Spaceships or Pickle Rick are just some of the designs, you can’t go wrong. Knowing about Rick and Morty is basically essential at this point, especially when it’s one of the most popular animated series around. Rick is the grandpa, an intelligent but eccentric scientist who wants to make his grandson into a genius too. Will he manage? Who knows. Show off your passion for the series, here at Funidelia you’ll discover a whole catalogue of Rick and Morty merchandise to fall in love with. You’re going to need a whole load of Mr Meeseeks to give you a hand with everything we’ve got.

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