Harlequin Costumes

Hahaha! Discover the power of laughter, even if it’s an evil laugh like the Joker’s! Find a unique and eye-catching costume in our collection of Harlequin costumes - there are jester costumes, killer evil clown costumes, Mardi Gras harlequin outfits, or Venetian harlequins... You’ll love our Funidelia clown costumes! Harlequins are characters who dress in suits or dresses made from scraps of fabric or different pieces of clothing. They started in colourful suits but ended up dressing in black and white. Make sure you include the classic diamond shape that’s so common in harlequin and jester costumes. These characters are special, as well as puzzling and mysterious, which is what makes them so perfect for any costume party, for both Carnival and Halloween. In our online shop you can find a terrifying harlequin costume, like killer clowns, or something more fun. We’ve even got something a bit sexy. Whatever happens, these harlequin costumes will never go unnoticed with their colour and originality.   As well as your harlequin costume, don’t forget the most important accessories: a harlequin mask, some good make-up that includes some details like diamonds on your eyes and a great big smile on your lips, a harlequin hat and even some unique tights, if your dress needs it. We’ve also got other accessories, like a cane or some wigs, to give your costume an even more distinctive touch. We’ve got jester costumes for men, women and kids, so you can have a great time going as a family of harlequins!

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