Horse & Unicorn Masks

Practise your best trot and gallop and neigh like a good horse, so you can be the star of your next costume party. Pick one of our horse or unicorn masks and surprise all your friends. Now you can transform into a human with the head of a horse with these realistic and fun unicorn and horse masks. In our online shop you’ll find loads of different models, with horse masks in brown, white, and even multi-colour. You could be a crazy runaway horse, or a beautiful unicorn. They say that unicorns (animals similar to a horse but with a pointed horn on its head) aren’t real. Show that unicorns do exist at your next costume party and leave all your friends amazed. Use one of our horse masks to complete your horse costume, or just wear the mask and become a horse with the body of a human. Whatever you want to do, with these realistic unicorn and horse masks, made with latex, you’ll look just like this beautiful animal - surprise everyone with your impressive coat and stylish trot! These masks are perfect for dressing up quickly, comfortably and easily, whether it’s for carnival or a costume party.
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