Western Party

The Wild West has arrived at Funidelia and both cowboys and Indians are excited! If you’re a fan of the Westerns and B movies that our grandparents and parents loved so much, don’t miss these cowboy and Indian decorations, for the coolest party in history. We’ve prepared the best decorations that you can use to host a cowboy party in pure Western style. Choose some western decorations themed with both cowboys and Indians, and put on your own classic western saloon with the classic “Saloon” sign. Don’t forget to place a dream catcher in your home, to catch all the bad vibes and let only good vibes, harmony and fun through, so everyone can have great time at this Cowboy and Indian party. Another important accessory is the “Wanted” poster - appear in it yourself, or choose one of your friends to be the wanted bandit everyone is looking for. Remember to give a good reward to whoever finds them! And lastly, ask all your guests to choose a side: cowboys, Indians, or even the County Sheriff. And this cowboy party definitely needs a photo booth, with Western style accessories. Cowboys and Indians can unite and make peace with a pipe and a fun photo to remember it by. Be the star of a Western film for a day, like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Don’t “Ride Lonesome”, invite all your friends to live the Western experience at your party with the best cowboy and Indian decorations.

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