Poison Ivy costumes

A Poison Ivy costume is a classic from the Batman universe. Pamela Isley, the geeky girl in charge of the botanic garden falls in love with the handsome and muscly Batman and tries to ensnare him using pheromones and toxins. And not even that worked. So she decided to dedicate her life to starting evil in the most "green" ways she knows. Unleash your eco-terrorist side and dress up as Poison Ivy at the next costume party you go to. Get your vines ready and trap all the Batman costumes for women that you can. Get the girls together and create an evil feminine coalition. You will only need a few fancy dress costumes like Harley Quinn's costume or Catwoman's fancy dress costume. And if there is someone that gets in your way of doing evil, maybe you could transform into Batgirl. Who needs a Batman fancy dress costume when you can have an outfit like his adventurous female friends do? Gloves, leg warmers and green colourful tights to complete your Poison Ivy costume. You won't be able to resist the venom of obsession!

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